GTS Australia Team Leaders Are Not Just Regular Employees. They Have A Vested Interest In The Business For Continuous Success!

A dynamic Customs & Shipping Agent known for its proven track record our reputation is not just for competitive pricing, that’s a given. It’s our ability to go that extra step or two, or three (whatever it takes) to resolve problems and get the job done, on time, every time. We’re serious about our service not just during ‘normal business hours’.

Our dedicated responsive specially selected team with a wealth of hands-on experience in all aspects of international logistics in Australia and abroad understands that no two importer’s or exporter’s requirements are the same. The ability to diversify and constantly improve is paramount. Working smarter not harder!

  • Already Have A Customs / Shipping Agent – Wise to have a back-up just in case. It only takes a few staff changes.

  • Independently Operated Globally – Servicing all major air/seaports worldwide not just to Australia.

  • Reliable Australian Owned Companies – supporting our own people and our economy.

  • Experienced Team – Personalised tailored advice and services, giving you results and solutions.

Your experience with GTS Australia will always be professional, transparent and consistent, order after order, shipment after shipment. Whilst the latest and the greatest technology evolves, the basic fundamentals of continuous success is in the preparation and experience, structured solid foundations, common sense, planning and just good old-fashioned service. No need to log-in to access fancy time-consuming yet complicated systems, we do all that allowing you more time to focus on your business.

GTS Mission

Global Network Partners and Code

GTS Australia does not favour any particular shipping or airline. Our global network’s collective reach and our long-term relationships amongst several hundred carriers secure the ‘best group buying power’ benefiting you, regardless the size of your company.

Management from each region collectively meets annually over 4 days to discuss:

  • Strengths and weaknesses – Including GTS and Our Global Partners

  • Underperforming partners – Zero Tolerance For Partners That Do Not Comply

  • Improved communication turnaround policies – Respond Or Acknowledge Within 48 Hours

  • Marketing strategies – Per Region, Per Sector, and Globally

  • Group buying power – Per Region, Per Sector, and Globally

  • One-on-One meetings – To Discuss Individual Client’s Needs

GTS Australia’s code of ethics is stringent and should any partner be unfortunate enough to receive three complaints against them (including those from clients) within one year of consistently under-performing they are asked to leave and are replaced. Our network is purely service driven with zero tolerance of anything short of excellence in delivery and customer service.

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GTS Mission

Australian Regulatory Compliance

GTS Australia is a member of Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Council of Australia which greatly assists in providing precise accurate advice, together with interactions with all necessary and appropriate agencies such as:

  • Government Departments and Agencies from Australian Customs (ACS)

  • Quarantine (AQIS)

  • Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

  • Bio and Border Security

  • Department of Transport (DOT) policies and regulations

GTS Australia will never jeopardise our reputation, your reputation nor the integrity of the Australian Commonwealth, including our neighbouring Tasman friends and Pacific Islanders or our global alliances.

GTS Mission

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