Why GTS Australia?

We are thrilled to announce GTS Is The First shipping agent, freight forwarder or customs broker in the world to reward clients in this unique manner.

It’s ‘All About You’, a token of our appreciation, loyalty and respect for your business. Simply put, like you we are in business to earn an honest dollar (nothing wrong with that), our Number 1 Priority Is You being our valued customer. Here’s how simple GTS Rewards© works:

  1. For every AUD $25.00 spent with GTS you earn AUD $1.00. Redeem whenever you like
  2. GTS creates a ‘credit note’ and transfers the money into your company business account
  3. No hassles, no contracts, gimmicks, payment reaches you within 48 hours once redeemed

Setting the benchmarks

Setting quality value-added benchmarks, well that’s just in our DNA and we’re proud of it. Peruse our humble website and you’ll discover it’s not just about our commitment, mission statement, charities we support, or the fact our origins spans back three generations – we must be doing something right.

GTS Rewards© Basic Ten Conditions

  1. You must have an approved credit application and remain within your credit terms
  2. Payment must be into your nominated company bank account within Australia
  3. You must not contra your points (your money) against any GTS Invoices
  4. You can, however, spend your money however you like once payment is received
  5. Each month GTS will email the number of points you have earned and available
  6. You can nominate up to 10 staff within your company to receive email notifications – (recommended)
  7. We ask you to show our logo and a link to GTS website as your preferred shipping agent – (this is optional)
  8. The best compliment would be your recommendation of our services to any other known Importers or Exporters – (this is optional)
  9. Excludes Duties, AQIS, Import GST or GST on Australian Services as this is paid on your behalf to Customs, AQIS and the ATO
  10. GTS Australia Pty Ltd respects your privacy and will not under any circumstances divulge, share, barter, or advertise your details in any way

GTS Rewards© Will Accumulate Very Quickly

Your rewards points will quickly accumulate, here are a few handy suggestions:

  1. Pay for your airline tickets (or upgrade to premium or business class) or travel expenses
  2. Reward your Team (i.e. Gold Class Movie Tickets, Bonuses, Training, Lunches etc.)
  3. Pay for your company expenses (stationary, printing, cleaning, utilities, rent)

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