Global Network Partners and Code

GTS Australia does not favour any particular shipping or airline. Our global network’s collective sheer reach and our long-term relationships amongst several hundred carriers secure the ‘best group buying power’  benefiting you, regardless the size of your company.

Management from each region collectively meets annually over 4-days to discussions.

  • Strengths and weaknesses – Including GTS and Our Global Partners

  • Underperforming partners – Zero Tolerance For Partners That Do Not Comply

  • Improved communication turnaround policies – Respond Or Acknowledge Within 48 Hours

  • Marketing strategies – Per Region, Per Sector, and Globally

  • Group buying power – Per Region, Per Sector, and Globally

  • One-on-One meetings – To Discuss Individual Client’s Needs

GTS Australia’s code of ethics is stringent and should any partner be unfortunate enough to receive three complaints against them (including those from clients) within one year of consistently under-performing they are asked to leave and are replaced. Our network is purely service driven with zero tolerance of anything short of excellence in delivery and customer service.

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