GTS Commitment To Our Valued Customers

To continuously provide and up-hold our unique proven value-added difference, your dedicated in-house shipping partner, an extension of your business. Offering a competitive pricing, well that’s just a given, it’s our ability to go that extra step (whatever it takes) to resolve problems and get the job done, on time, every time. We’re serious about our service not just during ‘normal business hours’.

Our team has a wealth of hands-on experience in all aspects of international logistics, we understand that no two importer’s or exporter’s requirements are the same. The ability to diversify and constantly improve is paramount.

Your experience with GTS Australia will always be professional, transparent and consistent, order after order, shipment after shipment. Working smarter not harder.

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GTS Commitment To Our Valued Suppliers

Regardless of your involvement or interaction with GTS, be it within Australia or Overseas, we must strive collectively to adhere to clear communications; transparently, ethically and honestly and even more so during trying situations. Of paramount importance to our valued clients is projecting, forecasting, efficient prompt communication turn-around and problem-solving to ensure their specific needs and deadlines are met on time, every time.

We must go above and beyond to ensure we deliver nothing short of sheer excellence in service, pricing, identifying issues and problems. We must learn from our mistakes to avoid them occurring again. Often it is not the problem or the issue but the manner in which the problem is resolved. GTS respects and agrees to comply with our valued suppliers and partners policies, confidential information, and payment terms, we pride ourselves on being ‘That Customer or Partner’ that pays their invoices on time.

In fact, 99.99% of the time GTS Australia would have paid your invoices before it is due. Consider this a token of our appreciation, loyalty and our mutual respect for each other for long-term success.

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GTS Commitment To Our Valued Team

GTS truly appreciates your wealth of experience, loyalty, trust, leadership skills and efforts regardless of the vital yet valued role you have. Your ability to identify, excel, problem-solve and remain numerous steps ahead in delivering nothing short of pure excellence.

Our aim is to ensure that each member of our team looks forward to coming to work and leaving with a smile, even during trying situations. We recognise that unavoidable problems do arise within our industry that are above and beyond our control. We firmly believe it is often the manner in which the problem was resolved that counts.

Our promise and commitment to each and every Team Member is very simple, and that is for ‘a mutually rewarding long-term career’ that is beneficial and flexible but more importantly in a positive, productive yet harmonious environment. We challenge each and every Team Member to continuously grow, mentor and guide others to success.

You are a valued key asset with talents and knowledge continuously growing and flourishing, one day soon we believe you will proudly be that star shining on the GTS Logo today, tomorrow and forever.

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